Hiearchical deletion of Widgets?


04-08-2008 14:15:36

When I have a Hierarchy of widgets, lets say:

+- Child A
+- Child B
++- Child of B

Is it possible to delete the whole hierarchy when I destroy the "parent" widgets or do I have to delete each widget myself?
I ask this because I get memory leaks when my app exits ( I delete only the parent node ). Wasn't exactly the reason for the leaks. But my question persists ;-)


04-08-2008 15:16:19

Parent automatically delete all his childs.
I also haven't seen memory leaks in MyGUI for a long time. If you use Ogre memory manager for leak detection, can you tell where leak is (or just show leaks log)?


06-08-2008 15:36:49

As I corrected my post above, the memory leaks weren't introduced by MyGUI, lib runs very well now :)
Thanks for the reply!