[Windows] MyGUI Compiled SDK


12-08-2008 01:31:29

Warning: this is "unofficial" SDK. If you have troubles with it compile MyGUI from sources.

Well, Here will be posted the Compiled SDK Versions of the SVN Revisions ..

I'll keep the last 5 packages (so, if you don't like an upgrade, your free to choose and old release)

By the moment this Packs are compiled with :

[+] Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition SP1
[+] Visual C++ 2008

But, if asked, i'll add the Code::Blocks/MingW team into the pack

Documentation-Related :

MyGUI Online Documentation
Download MyGUI Documentation ~ Basic


* Base Widget class
* Button
* ComboBox
* Edit
* FooBar
* HScroll
* ItemBox
* List
* Message
* MultiList
* PopupMenu (alpha)
* Progress
* RenderBox
* Sheet
* StaticImage
* StaticText
* Tab
* VScroll
* Window


* Main Gui manager
* ClipboardManager
* ControllerManager
* DynLibManager
* FontManager
* InputManager
* LayerManager
* LayoutManager
* PluginManager
* PointerManager
* SkinManager
* WidgetManager


* ControllerEdgeHide
* ControllerFadeAlpha
* ControllerPosition


12-08-2008 01:31:54

Note : Now on, the layout editor will be shipped appart for time/weight reasons .. ~ the layout editor will be compiled with the latest rev.

Layout Editor : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/LayoutEditor.rar
MD5 : 5BE20A55AD281B72E35D1173A6195DC1

11/06/2008 : Added Revision 946 ~ 2.2 RC1

Svn Revision 946 snapshot

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2008 (9.0)
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/946_2008.rar
MD5: 6817BDDC6961D007B416A6D85F85E2ED

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2005 (8.0) SP1
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/946_2005.rar
MD5: A8CF738E29A16C6D175E1144451A8AB0


14/06/2008 : Added Revision 952 ~ 2.2 RC1

Svn Revision 952 snapshot

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2008 (9.0)
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/952_2008.rar
MD5: 78587F3191B77B4FB908F99BB8E4D2D3

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2005 (8.0) SP1
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/952_2005.rar
MD5: D387BA0A581C1639A387658DB0812CF7


-/-/2008 : Added Revision 1008 ~ 2.2 RC1

Svn Revision 1008 snapshot

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2008 (9.0)
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/1008_2008.rar
MD5: 31B3A03FAFCB3E7E47C6F0CABB4C0214

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2005 (8.0) SP1
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/1008_2005.rar
MD5: C8C0473AEDF4E96CC7BB58AD15198758


03/09/2008 : Added Revision 1027 ~ 2.2 RC1

Svn Revision 1027 snapshot

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2008 (9.0)
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/1027_2008.rar
MD5: B840E6990C99A270146E325DC17C00ED

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2005 (8.0) SP1
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/1027_2005.rar

03/09/2008 : Added Revision 1076 ~ 2.2 RC1

Svn Revision 1076 snapshot

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2008 (9.0)
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/1076_2008.rar
MD5: 2303A6D672710459443BE1C5C2645DB9

MyGUI SDK for Visual C++ 2005 (8.0) SP1
Link : http://lawliet.net84.net/Packs/1076_2005.rar


12-08-2008 03:41:42

Thanks :)
You said before that you "customized a little bit the documentation". I looked through "MyGUI Documentation ~ Basic" and found only two differences - tree panel on the right and no main page :)

P.S. Site is still unavailable.


12-08-2008 05:11:16

@Altren :
Ups, I checked the site with a proxy, and yes, is under review =/
well, the one that i've uploaded got the source definitions (you can view the source of MyGUI), Search option, Graphs (Hierachy,inheritance,dependencies,eeeetc...) ....

umhhh u_U ...

well, let's wait, or find another host xD

Adieu ;)

Edit: Oh, i forgot, that's why i wrote "Basic" on that documentation, it isn't quite portable a 300 mb documentation, so, I didn't add a lot of things xP


12-08-2008 15:49:36



14-08-2008 20:10:42

Added revision 952 ~>
Online Documentation Is now Online ~>


16-08-2008 13:50:04

to ~[L]~


17-08-2008 20:05:59

to ~[L]~

Thanks, but by now, i'm far from expert, but, that's my goal =)

by the moment, I like this one :

Adieu ;)


23-08-2008 11:52:07

Added revision 1008 ~>
Today I'll do an update of the online documentation, maybe I'll split it into two types : Basic & Complete

One with minimal info and options, and another one with full info,options and graphs (both with search bar)

Sorry guys about the delay, I had A LOT OF EXAMS xD (And the next week, but, the next ones are more "light" =D )



24-08-2008 20:21:07



03-09-2008 06:51:09

Added revision 1027 ~>
Updating Documentation ~ Be Patient please =) ~>
now i'll check the first post and modify some things ...

Edit : Documentation added ! ~> Note : I added a small visit counter on the main screen of the doc. just for stats. reason. changed the graphs, apparently those graphs were a little bit heavy, so, there is a "light" version, i'll see what I'm gonna do with the other version ...

Note : I posted about MyGUI on a Spanish Ogre forum here (new community) : http://ogreros.org/foro/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24


03-09-2008 14:06:41



18-09-2008 03:20:41

Added revision 1076 ~>


28-09-2008 15:27:59

Sourceforge added good thing to subversion. Now you can download any revision snapshot in single archive here
http://my-gui.svn.sourceforge.net/viewv ... z?view=tar - HEAD revision.
http://my-gui.svn.sourceforge.net/viewv ... athrev=123 - revision 123 (replace with any number you want).


21-10-2008 03:13:47


I was trying compile MyGUI with codeblocks but i get some erros.

could you add compiled SDK for codeblocks?



21-10-2008 14:08:47

Well, we update Code::Blocks project files not often, so they usually outdated. We'll update it today if you need it.

About compiled SDK: it's question to ~[L]~, I and my.name not going to create SDK anytime now or later. I think that it's much better to use MyGUI from source.


10-11-2008 20:57:25

can i have a updated code::blocks sdk please?


28-11-2008 06:08:32

can i have a updated code::blocks sdk please?

Here is the SDK for Code::Blocks compiled for Ogre 1.6.


Its version MyGUI_2.2.0_RC1, i think it's a bit outdated...

Anyway, its working. Ill try to upload the SVN version as soon as i can.


28-11-2008 16:06:13

Thank you


03-01-2009 13:11:09

i could provide "unlimited" bandwidth and diskspace for the MyGUI project if the authors need it.
it could host the API documentation, releases or compiled SDKs.
if someone is interested write me a personal message please.


12-01-2009 00:57:34

i compiled a new version of the layout editor with SVN revision 1535 (around the beginning of the year):

http://modclub.rigsofrods.com/thomas/La ... -r1535.zip ~5 MB, only binaries

(btw why dont you update the SF packages from time to time?)


12-01-2009 14:41:16

btw why dont you update the SF packages from time to time?

I think because laziness and providence of often updates small bugs or new (requested by user) features. I think it's good reasons to use SVN for users. But something you are wright :) .


12-01-2009 23:26:14

btw why dont you update the SF packages from time to time?

I think because laziness and providence of often updates small bugs or new (requested by user) features. I think it's good reasons to use SVN for users. But something you are wright :) .

yes, but i think the last layout editor released on SF has too much bugs to represent the current awesome state of the project :(


11-07-2009 19:54:12

As time advanced there is actual (for CodeBlocks) Ogre 1.6.1 which doesn't need Any special MinGW toolbox... -- the string troubles were solved... BUT ... MyGUI can't be compiled now... ? or am I just a lame :) ?

I'm trying to compile MyGUI with the toolbox mentioned above.
During compilation i've got these warnings:
L:/OgreSDK/include/OgreUTFString.h:678: warning: base class `class Ogre::UTFString::_base_iterator' should be explicitly initialized in the copy constructor
... about 367x times

however, compilation get's done and now linking:
Linking dynamic library: ..\Shared\Release Win32\MyGUI.dll
got ERRORs!:

obj\Release Win32\src\MyGUI_ClipboardManager.o:MyGUI_ClipboardManager.cpp:(.text$_ZNK4Ogre9UTFString12_cleanBufferEv[Ogre::UTFString::_cleanBuffer() const]+0x75)||undefined reference to `std::basic_string<wchar_t, std::char_traits<wchar_t>, std::allocator<wchar_t> >::~basic_string()'|

obj\Release Win32\src\MyGUI_ClipboardManager.o:MyGUI_ClipboardManager.cpp:(.text$_ZNK4Ogre9UTFString12asWStr_c_strEv[Ogre::UTFString::asWStr_c_str() const]+0x1b)||undefined reference to `std::basic_string<wchar_t, std::char_traits<wchar_t>, std::allocator<wchar_t> >::c_str() const'|

obj\Release Win32\src\MyGUI_ClipboardManager.o:MyGUI_ClipboardManager.cpp:(.text$_ZNK4Ogre9UTFString17_load_buffer_WStrEv[Ogre::UTFString::_load_buffer_WStr() const]+0x30)||undefined reference to `std::basic_string<wchar_t, std::char_traits<wchar_t>, std::allocator<wchar_t> >::reserve(unsigned int)'|

obj\Release Win32\src\MyGUI_ClipboardManager.o:MyGUI_ClipboardManager.cpp:(.text$_ZNK4Ogre9UTFString17_load_buffer_WStrEv[Ogre::UTFString::_load_buffer_WStr() const]+0xa4)||undefined reference to `std::basic_string<wchar_t, std::char_traits<wchar_t>, std::allocator<wchar_t> >::push_back(wchar_t)'|

which is strange 'cuz of reporting these primitive functions like: push_back, c_str,...

Pls can anyone give some advice?

I'l try the following: download current svn source code, try to adopt and compile for mingw (the latest version) in CB++