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12-01-2009 22:39:55

GUI porn, love it!


17-07-2009 10:23:17

How I love it... is nice for selecting levels or something else within a main menu of a computer game.

Awesome, too:


04-05-2013 01:15:11

Looks like the images are all dead links. Just FYI.

Crystal Hammer

15-08-2014 09:32:16

Old topic, but still sticky.
There are lots of projects (with a screen and video) on under Projects.

Let me put few screens from Stunt Rally (and its Track Editor), using MyGUI.

With all that we managed to achieve, some things with a bit more user code.
Graph is PolygonalSkin (demo in UnitTest_Spline). Except that Hud Fps graph which is just ManualObject.
Lists are a bit customized MultiList clone.
We currently have resizing Gui with screen resolution in code (first saving original pos and size and then iterating over all to resize)
and fonts created in code to have their size also depending on screen res.

Btw. I feel like half (or even all) of those UnitTests should be Demos, it's easy to miss them).
And those are quite powerful too, e.g. UnitTest_GraphView, UnitTest_TreeControl.

PS. I like colors, that's why its so colorful. Usually just by adding color in caption e.g. #80C0FF#{Title}.


28-08-2014 19:25:27

First post updated.