Possible bug/corruption or whatever [Solved]


17-08-2008 14:25:47

I've been struggling with several problem with the MyGUI library and yet not come any further then to just initialise the object(s) and load a simple layout. This post is about some intresting information i've dug up due some research about what could cause my crashes. For a description of the problem read this thread.

Okey now to my results. I load a .layout which contains:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<MyGUI type="Layout">

<Widget type="Button" skin="Button" position="10 10 300 26" align="ALIGN_DEFAULT" layer="Main" name="MyFirstButton" >
<Property key="Widget_Caption" value="exit" />


This will cause a crash of my app. when I load the layout.

The button uses the skin "Button" so let us have a look at the Skin "Button":
<Skin name = "Button" size = "54 26" texture = "core.png">
<Property key="FontName" value = "MyGUI_CoreFont.18" />
<Property key="FontHeight" value = "18" />
<Property key="AlignText" value = "ALIGN_CENTER" />
<Property key="Colour" value = "0 0 0" />

<BasisSkin type="SubSkin" offset = "0 0 20 26" align = "ALIGN_LEFT ALIGN_VSTRETCH">
<State name="disable" offset = "2 2 20 26"/>
<State name="normal" offset = "2 30 20 26"/>
<State name="active" offset = "2 58 20 26"/>
<State name="pressed" offset = "2 86 20 26"/>
<State name="select" offset = "2 114 20 26"/>
<BasisSkin type="SubSkin" offset = "20 0 20 26" align = "ALIGN_STRETCH">
<State name="disable" offset = "22 2 20 26"/>
<State name="normal" offset = "22 30 20 26"/>
<State name="active" offset = "22 58 20 26"/>
<State name="pressed" offset = "22 86 20 26"/>
<State name="select" offset = "22 114 20 26"/>
<BasisSkin type="SubSkin" offset = "40 0 14 26" align = "ALIGN_RIGHT ALIGN_VSTRETCH">
<State name="disable" offset = "42 2 14 26"/>
<State name="normal" offset = "42 30 14 26"/>
<State name="active" offset = "42 58 14 26"/>
<State name="pressed" offset = "42 86 14 26"/>
<State name="select" offset = "42 114 14 26"/>
<BasisSkin type="SimpleText" offset = "23 0 28 26" align = "ALIGN_STRETCH">
<State name="disable" colour="0.87 0.87 0.87"/>
<!--State name="normal" colour="0 0 0"/-->
<!--State name="active" colour="2C8AD5"/-->
<!--State name="pressed" colour="0 0 0"/-->
<!--State name="select" colour="2C8AD5"/-->

As you can see one of its BasisSkin element have the type "SimpleText" and that is the intresting part. If i delete the BasisSkin element of type "SimpleText" the app does not crash and Im able to see a widget on my screen.

This crash-phenomenon applies to every widget-type that uses a skin where <BasisSkin type="SimpleText"> occurs.

Im now qurios curious about further possible ways to find the root of this problem? Im pretty sure it now has to do something with SimpleText. Any help?

Thanks in advance!


17-08-2008 16:44:39

You didn't gave up, uh ?
yeah, it's too weird...

but anyways, I invite you to take the latest SVN Snapshot that I took : http://www.ogre3d.org/phpBB2addons/viewtopic.php?t=7854

And compile it on release mode, AAAAAALLLL the solution, and then, check out the layout manager if crashes ...

Visual C++ 2008 or 2005, makes no diference with sources ~>

Then come here and we see what's going on ...
The source looks right ...

It could be a problem with resources (I HAD A LOT, often when you load the core files from another resource group than General), But, let's make sure that the SDK works fine....

I'll be watching this thread ;)

Adieu !


17-08-2008 18:02:41

Okey hope I get this right with all revision numbers, libs and dll. I built the 'tag' version of svn with VC 2008 SP1 Debug mode and recompiles my app with that SDK. I noticed loadLayout() and SetSceneManager has been removed. Anyway, Im getting this exception when I run the App:

I'll build in release too later.

btw, the svn requeriers dependecy lib freetype_230. But the freetype that i downloaded from src-forge is named freetype_235. However i changed name and it compiled. But just that you know.

EDIT: same results in release mode!


17-08-2008 18:17:13

I copied the media files fron the 'tag' svn version to my media as well, and dude... IT WORKS!

Don't have an explaination though coz' I have compiled, compiled and re-compiled over and over again, same and diffrent versions (at least, as far as I know) and now just god are letting me get it work!

Cheers and thanks L for your magic suggestion!


17-08-2008 19:56:17

Yeap, don't forget that MyGUI requires some files (like core, plugins and so on) and if they don't exist, or are corrupted, there is a problem =P (depends ..)

And about those "snapshots", I update them every 10 revisions (because the project GOES TOO FAST XDD wich is good =) ) or if there's an important bug fix ...

Anyways, if you need something, just post ;)

Adieu ~>