injectMouseRelease(arg, id) instruction


22-08-2008 14:22:39

am trying to learn how using MyGui, i couldn't know how it handle events;
it just use this instruction:

mGUI->injectMouseRelease(arg, id);

and i didn't know what is does,
it seems to me that it do all the work, and in every example i read it has the same instruction. so excuse me coz am beginner and i couldn't solve my own problem without tutorials... :oops:


22-08-2008 14:25:51

sorry for my weak english i meant that it handles events using instructions similar to this:

mGUI->injectMouseRelease(arg, id);

and it is all one instruction for every difirrent event, it seems a big one


23-08-2008 05:47:23

First of all, hi =)

The Inject*** methods notify MyGUI about events, that "injectMouseRelease" notifies that a a button has been released.
you press a button, then you release it one day or another :shock:

check this documentation :

Any doubt, use the "search" that is on the top right of the screen for quick reference.

check this : ... bf41aeb287

The few things that would be good to notify MyGUI is about mouse move, mouse button press or release, key press and when you enter a frame (before rendering it, actually)



24-08-2008 15:45:19

i've been searching for documentation like that for a long time, and i've asked ppl to guide me for some thing help but no resbonse,
now i can work with something in my hand....
thanks alot ~[L]~ :)