Compile errors on Ubuntu/amd64


26-08-2008 03:39:23

I get the following error when trying to compile on my Ubuntu / amd64 system:

../../MyGUIEngine/include/MyGUI_LogStream.h:109: error: ‘MyGUI::LogStream& MyGUI::LogStream::operator<<(size_t)’ cannot be overloaded
../../MyGUIEngine/include/MyGUI_LogStream.h:77: error: with ‘MyGUI::LogStream& MyGUI::LogStream::operator<<(long unsigned int)’

This doesn't look like it's going to be wildly difficult to debug, but it would be nice if MyGUI built out of the box.


26-08-2008 07:05:00

The following changes allow MyGUI to compile, but I'm going to have to go to a bit more effort to test it.

Replace the size_t overload with an unsigned int overload.

Change the type of diff from int to size_t.


26-08-2008 20:21:01

After fixing some resource paths, those two changes are sufficient for the included TestApp (drag & drop between two windows) to work perfectly.


27-08-2008 01:00:16

I recall I reported this a while back, in the old MyGUI thread. It seems the compiler doesn't like the overloaded << operator for size_t, as size_t is defined as one of the other types used in the overloaded << operator.