Add strings to list


27-08-2008 15:03:27

Hi All

I tried example applications as described here, and its working fine.

but when i add MultiList as below
MyGUI::MultiListPtr multi = mGUIPtr->createWidget<MyGUI::MultiList>("MultiList", MyGUI::IntCoord(100, 100, 200, 200), MyGUI::ALIGN_DEFAULT, "Main");
multi->addItem("line 1");
multi->addItem("line 2");

it just showing rectangular box, strings are not added on list.
please help me to get list to display strings.

actually i am trying to get to display array of strings on list with transparent background.

please give me short description or good reference about layer, layout, skin and how they are related

Thanks in advance.

27-08-2008 15:22:45

/** Add new column at last position
@param _width Width of new column
@param _name Name of new column
inline void addColumn(int _width, const Ogre::UTFString & _name) {insertColumn(ITEM_NONE, _width, _name);}

1 pix ?


27-08-2008 16:20:58

Thanks, its working fine.

please tell me how to make the background transparent, only text should be visible.

i set alpha 0.0, but even text become invisible.

28-08-2008 12:04:51

change skin