Question about Skin Dev: BasisSkin "offset" attrib


27-08-2008 17:45:42

I have a Question about the BasisSkin Elements's Parameter "offset".

The Docs in the wiki say its "left top width height", but after some investigation and experimenting with the values (because our skin didnt looked as we wanted) it turned out to be more like "(top left's edge offset) (lower right's edge offset)", so you can shift the top-left edge with the first two values on the x and y axes and the lower-right edge with the second pair of values, even when the BasisSkin is set to stretch.

What's the right understanding of the values now, or do I misinterpret the outcomings?

28-08-2008 12:05:54 ... n_creating


28-08-2008 13:16:32

Yeah right, it's saying "left top width height", but its more "left top right bottom" offsets?