Strange Alignment Problems


28-08-2008 11:31:34

I'm currently trying to align absolute sized Buttons to the borders of a GUI that can have different sizes.

To align the buttons, I tried to use a trick as setting BOTTOM|LEFT Alignment didn't worked. The funny thing is, that trick works in the Layout Editor but not in my production application, it seems to not updating the positions of the Buttons.

The little "trick" or better, hack, consists of one relativly positioned Panel Widget that's set to align to the bottom left of the screen. Inside this panel there are Buttons absolutly (pixel-) positioned and, too, aligned to the bottom left edge. Now, when i'm manually resizing the Panel inside the Editor, the buttons align correctly to the bottom left side. The Panel was authored in a 1024x768 screen in the editor.
Now, when I am loading the layout into my app which has screen sizes like 1280x800, 1280x1024 etc.. (standard and wide resolutions), the panel correctly resizes, but the buttons inside won't align in the panel itself!

28-08-2008 12:04:15

update svn


28-08-2008 14:09:30

I got a compiling and linking MyGUI now, but I'm puzzled with the Freetype library versions... Dependencies have 235, MyGUI's default ist 230. I'm compiling with 235, because "hey, it's a newer version", but Fonts do crash now while building character infos from FT... I'll try to get 230 and link with that version.

Update: Copied DLLs from the Wrong location... does work now :roll:

Alignment, either, still doesn't work
The Problem persists, also with the newest SVN version.