How to tell when mouse is in GUI


29-08-2008 00:32:57

A simple question, but I can't figure the answer. How can I easily tell if the mouse is over a window or not? Not just a single window, but any element of the GUI at all. (Because obviously I dont want it to un-select all my units when I click on a button).

In RBGgui I just used a function like "findWindowAtPoint(mousePos)", but I can't find a similar function

I thought to use a mouseMoved event on the Window, and use that to set a flag, but it doesn't register when the mouse is over a widget within that window. And I don't want to have to add that event to every single little widget I create.

29-08-2008 01:30:09



06-09-2008 16:30:24

All injectors return boolean value if event was handled by GUI, so you can write something likeif ( mGUI->injectMouseMove(arg) )
// mouse over GUI
// mouse not over GUI