Problems building mygui on MSVC++2003


21-09-2008 21:44:33

i currently try to build the latest RC frm the svn via MSVC++2003. I use the folder trunk (what does trunk and tag mean btw?). I found a *_v7.sln. After updateing the dependacy folder in the project properties i try to build the whole thing, but two files are missing: MyGUI_ColourRect.cpp/.h and MyGUI_WidgetCreator.cpp.

I deleted this files out of the workspace and it compiled. but the linking process failed with lots of unresolved symbols. why this? i thought all things should be included.

please help me. whats wrong?

gretings kie


22-09-2008 11:59:42

Actually vc7 files was updated one month ago last time.
To update MyGUIEngine vcproj files copy MyGUIEngine_v8.vcproj to MyGUIEngine_v7.vcproj and change line 4 fromVersion="8,00"toVersion="7.10"