Skin License


23-09-2008 00:17:12

I've used MyGUI in my engine, and currently in use for small, open source games in a course I'm taking. I know the license for the code is LGPL, but what is the license on the skins/artwork? Can I use it freely if I attribute the GUI and GUI Images to MyGUI? Thanks.


23-09-2008 11:46:33

In MyGUI 2.2 you can use our skin and skin texture (new one) under LGPL. But you can't use font, it's not our font. All other pictures is also taken from different places so you shouldn't use them too.


27-09-2008 23:59:25

Now (since revision 1100) everything from MyGUI_Media folder can be used freely in your project. We replaced non free fonts with DejaVu font.

28-09-2008 01:32:15