RenderBox and manual RenderTarget


02-10-2008 01:10:37

Hi all again !

I've a strange problem with RenderBox. When i try to provide a custom rendertarget if i destroy the RenderBox the program crashes in this part of code...


@author Albert Semenov
@date 03/2008
#include "MyGUI_IWidgetCreator.h"
#include "MyGUI_Widget.h"

namespace MyGUI

void IWidgetCreator::_deleteWidget(WidgetPtr _widget)
delete _widget; // <----- here!!!

} // namespace MyGUI

If i provide meshname or scenenode this not occurs...


15-10-2008 23:47:59

No idea ? :)


17-10-2008 13:30:24

I tried to fix this. Get latest revision and check if it's still crashes.


18-10-2008 18:19:31

Oh yes :D

It works now ! thanks ^^


18-10-2008 18:27:09

Sorry for long reply. I forgot about this error, but when I used manual generated texture I encountered same error with it (not inside GUI).

P.S. Can you show some screenshots of yours app? Just interested :)