GUI 'context' to arbitrary render target


02-10-2008 16:42:04


I'm interested in the ability to create a GUI context/root window/desktop (the base window) that is assigned to an arbitrary render target. Is there any way to currently do that?

It means I have to differentiate input for multiple contexts, but that's pretty straight forward as long as I can give MyGui a context id with input which would be able to handle multiple input devices. Alternatively, and less flexibly, MyGui could have an 'active' context that I can set when I need to affect another context.

(think doom3-like in-game gui...but better ;)


03-10-2008 11:40:42

external state manager


03-10-2008 14:22:42

So I guess there's no plan on modularizing the root windows and render targets into contexts?