[Solved] MyGUI crashes loading the debug dll


09-10-2008 18:28:27


I get this beautiful message when the demos try to load MyGUI_d.dll:

Application error while initializing (0xc0150002). Press Accept to close the application.

No errors while compiling in debug mode.

Working with last ogre svn version, Visual Studio Express 2008, Windows Vista and 2.2 MyGUI dependencies.

I get the error into the 2.2 RC1 and svn trunk version of MyGUI.

Release mode loads and works well.


09-10-2008 19:31:20

I'm almost sure that you got dependencies for VS2005, not for 2008...


09-10-2008 20:59:04

Yes, this is the problem.

Hahaha, what noob error :lol:

I used the freetype dependencies from ogre, which are compiled in vs2008 and it works :)

Thanks ! :D