Chat and smile in editbox


25-10-2008 14:41:01

Hi all again :D

I need to implement a chat system in my application.
Is there a way to insert image and text together in an edit box ?


25-10-2008 14:58:13

Currently we don't have such functionality. You can manually create widget containers with text and images and control them. We'll add example of implementation later.


25-10-2008 15:12:23

Oh... good i think it will be very useful :)

Can you explain me in brief what kind of widget i need to implement this features ?


27-10-2008 08:49:52

i have the also a problem to make a good chat out of widgets. How can i achieve a wrap multiline chat that works even when the window gets rescaled and scrolled? We tried to use textwrapboxes into a scrollview widget, but it is impossible to controll the scrolling well for it.


27-10-2008 13:19:56

Highway, you can create Edit with word wrap and vertical scroll enabled, without scrollview at all and set Stretch alignment for it. I think it will be enough.


27-10-2008 16:16:20

Yeah, that is a good idea. But then its not possible to add a buddyicon or select the user ( chat lines) to open his profile. Is there something else that could be done? I used a list before I needed wordwrap