FreeType deps in VC9.0


12-11-2008 18:09:15


I had some problems running an application with MyGUI. After running dependency walker on it I found that MyGUI_d.dll was the culprit. After still more deliberations and some tests, I recompiled freetype in vc9 and now everything works fine.

The problem was that after being compiled against freetype MyGUI depended on the VC80 CRT. Recompiling it from source ( and linking MyGUI with it the dependency goes away.

This is just a pointer to anyone who might have this problem in the future :)

<3 MyGUI

P.S. if I might make a suggestion, you could link against the dependencies that are available for download with the OgreSDK or separately if you are using SVN like me. The VC9.0 ones that is.


12-11-2008 22:24:51

Thank you for noticing. Several users encountered same problem and I told them same solution :) It's also possible to use freetype from Ogre dependencies.