Need new widgets!


17-11-2008 08:57:05

I creating my material and animation editor. So i need to created some node widgets for material and animation. This node is used for edit material or animation. How do this widgets? How i created line for link the some nodes?


18-11-2008 11:36:20

Well, for editing material you need Edit widget, it will be enough. Just load material file in it.
We don't have any drawing in MyGUI at the moment, so we can't draw curve, but you can create skin for drawing line with straight angles.
Here's small illustration :)#----#
| |
| |---
| | | #--#
| | --| |
#----# | |
| |
If you looking for something else please show some screnshots, may be I understood you wrong.


19-11-2008 01:37:33

Thanks, i know! 8) I would tried to create this widgets. But if you can implementd this widgets on a sample, (a ha) this is nice!

You are working great for some people!