Rendering and Viewports


28-11-2008 01:03:36

I have two viewports in a single renderwindow, they are side by side:

When I switch to a single viewport that fits across the renderwindow the MyGUI text and cursor renders ok, however when I have two, it renders to both and they're stretched due to the aspect ratio. How might this be fixed?

P.S. If it's currently not implemented or cannot work I can deal with a single viewport, but I'd prefer two for a two player game.


03-12-2008 14:56:48

You can render gui into texture and use one half of it on left side and second on right.

There's no simple solution because two viewports created on hardware level. Well, another way to solve your problem is render to texture both viewports and show this textures side by side (you can show them as MyGUI widgets).