[SOLVED] Mouse cursor overlapping MyGUI cursor


23-12-2008 00:18:10

Hi everybody,

I am new using MyGUI, and I am having problems with the mouse cursor.

The problem I have is that the window mouse cursor is over the MyGUI mouse cursor all the time. It moves at the same time.

I have just followed the wiki webpage.

In my core.layer I have:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<MyGUI type="Layer">

<Layer name="Back" overlapped="false" peek="true"/>
<Layer name="Overlapped" overlapped="true" peek="true"/>
<Layer name="Middle" overlapped="false" peek="true"/>
<Layer name="Modal" overlapped="true" peek="true"/>
<Layer name="Main" overlapped="false" peek="true"/>
<Layer name="Popup" overlapped="true" peek="true"/>
<Layer name="FadeMiddle" overlapped="false" peek="false"/>
<Layer name="Info" overlapped="true" peek="true"/>
<Layer name="ToolTip"overlapped="false" peek="false"/>
<Layer name="DragAndDrop"overlapped="false" peek="false"/>
<Layer name="FadeBusy" overlapped="false" peek="false"/>
<Layer name="Pointer" overlapped="false" peek="false"/>
<Layer name="Fade" overlapped="false" peek="false"/>
<Layer name="Statistic" overlapped="false" peek="false"/>


I do not know if the property overlapped has anything to see with my problem...

Any idea, please?


23-12-2008 01:32:07

You mean your cursor from OS? You should hide it in OIS settings when it's inside your app.


23-12-2008 13:34:21

Yes, I mean my cursor from OS.

How can I hide it with OIS?.


23-12-2008 13:48:07

Ok, I have solved the problem commenting these lines:

//paramList.insert(std::make_pair(std::string("w32_mouse"), std::string("DISCL_FOREGROUND" )));
//paramList.insert(std::make_pair(std::string("w32_mouse"), std::string("DISCL_NONEXCLUSIVE")));

Thanks! :)


26-12-2008 16:37:54