Edit problems


08-01-2009 17:23:35

Just compiled the latest update, and everything is looking better than ever. However, I have a few problems with the edit boxes.

1. When enabling line wrapping, you can no longer select any text in the edit box.
2. When enabling overflow to the left on multiline edits, when the maximum text length is reached several things happen:
> If text is added via a function, the vertical scroll starts jumping back up the page instead of scrolling to the bottom.
> The cursor loops back oddly if you move it past the bottom of the page.
> Text formatting (colour is all I've tried) gets screwed up. I guess this may be because formatting characters are scrolled off the left just like regular characters.

Also, while the scrolling needs to be fixed, when using addText() it would be nice to have an option to not scroll automatically to the bottom of the page but rather maintain the current level of scroll (I am using the edit as a console output; it is nice to be able to scroll up and look at previous output while new output is being added).


20-01-2009 12:44:10


The problem is known and possibly already in work =)