SDL and MyGUI .....Again


18-01-2009 20:54:04

sorry, the last post ended up going off topic because i messed up something in the process..... anywho....

i want to make OIS dissapear and use my SDL input but i have come across a problem when trying to inject keys.

mGUI->injectMouseMove(MouseXpos,MouseYpos,0); works fine but when it comes down to pressing a button on the keyboard or mouse i become stuck.

mGUI->injectMousePress(arg, id); is how it is done using OIS but with SDL.... no idea. the alternative parameters for this function expect a xpos,ypos and a MyGUI::MouseButton id. for the last parameter all i can pass though is a SDL event type SDL_BUTTON_RIGHT or SDL_BUTTON_LEFT. would you have to do something like this.

MyGUI::mouseButtonid id = something
and then do the same for right...

thank you

20-01-2009 10:45:03

mGUI->InjectMousePress(getXPos, getYPos, MyGUI::MouseButton::Left)

mGUI->InjectMousePress(getXPos, getYPos, MyGUI::MouseButton::Right)


20-01-2009 17:08:26

Thank you :) i will try it when i get back home. i assume i would do the same for the keyboard also. though i am not to bothered about the keyboard

Thanks :D