Make a mouse pointer correctly


22-01-2009 15:25:45


I have made a mouse pointer and this is only moving inside the window that i ogre create : mWindow = mRoot->initialise(true);

how i make to move the mouse outside this window????

22-01-2009 17:44:39

see in LayoutEditor


22-01-2009 18:27:03

I put this like the layoueditor, but nothing changes.

Ogre::LogManager::getSingletonPtr()->logMessage("*** Initializing OIS ***");
OIS::ParamList pl;
size_t windowHnd = 0;
std::ostringstream windowHndStr;

win->getCustomAttribute("WINDOW", &windowHnd);
windowHndStr << windowHnd;
pl.insert(std::make_pair(std::string("WINDOW"), windowHndStr.str()));

InputManager = OIS::InputManager::createInputSystem( pl );

Mouse = static_cast<OIS::Mouse*>(InputManager->createInputObject( OIS::OISMouse, true ));

g_setMainWindowInfo("cosa", IDI_ICON);

Any ideas????

22-01-2009 22:20:12
>> Non-exclusive input