How to activate the horizontal scrolling in a List?


23-01-2009 19:19:58

Hi everybody,

I have created a List, which has an automatic vertical scrolling bar when there is a lot of lines inside it. But I can't get the automatic horizonal scrolling when the text is too long...

Any idea?


23-01-2009 19:39:36

I've seen this code in Demo_ScrollView

MyGUI::WindowPtr window = MyGUI::Gui::getInstance().createWidget<MyGUI::Window>("WindowCS", MyGUI::IntCoord((view.width - size.width) / 2, (view.height - size.height) / 2, size.width, size.height), MyGUI::Align::Default, "Main");
window->setMinSize(150, 150);
window->setCaption("ScrollView demo");

MyGUI::ScrollViewPtr scroll_view = window->createWidget<MyGUI::ScrollView>("ScrollView", MyGUI::IntCoord(2, 2, window->getClientCoord().width-2, window->getClientCoord().height-2), MyGUI::Align::Stretch);
scroll_view->setCanvasSize(256, 256);

MyGUI::StaticImagePtr image = scroll_view->createWidget<MyGUI::StaticImage>("StaticImage", MyGUI::IntCoord(0, 0, 256, 256), MyGUI::Align::Default);