How to use the mouse wheel?


23-01-2009 19:32:42

Hi everybody,

How could I use the mouse wheel in MyGUI?.



23-01-2009 19:57:57

Don't understand you, because MyGUI use your input as you wish.
Do you mean in which widgets can you use a mouse wheel?


23-01-2009 20:17:45

I mean, that, as well as there are these methods:

mGuiMgr->injectMousePress(arg, id))

Is there any method like mGuiMgr->injectMouseWheel(arg) ??


23-01-2009 22:01:23

Actually mouse wheel event lies inside mouse move. Look at OIS::MouseEvent - arg.state.Z is wheel coordinate.


20-10-2011 12:36:55

Can I suggest this is made much more obvious in docs please - I bet every MyGUI user spends a few minutes figuring it out. And - it's still not clear if z coord should be mouse value, or mouse delta - I think the latter but this doesn't really fit with same idea as x/y coords!

A comment added to injectMouseMove() would be great - though personally I think adding injectMouseWheel as a helper method would be useful too.