Another problem with a hidden window


28-01-2009 14:50:16

Hi again!

I'm sorry but I have another problem with another window.
I have a window which appears when I press space bar (I did it with keyPressed method in my FrameListener). I also have a close button in this window:

winImage = MyGUI::LayoutManager::getInstance().load("winImage.layout");
// set callback
MyGUI::ButtonPtr buttonImageClose = mGUI->findWidget<MyGUI::Button>("buttonImageClose");
buttonImageClose->eventMouseButtonClick = MyGUI::newDelegate(this, &VortexFrameListener::hideWindowImage);

In my hideWindowImage method I only have "winImage[0]->hide();"

My problem is that when I press my close button, the window disapears but is shown again after a very little moment...
This very strange because I have another window with a close button which works perfectly now :/

Any idea please?


29-01-2009 04:05:07

Show me your layout please.


29-01-2009 10:04:34

I solved the problem during the night ^^

It was indeed a layout issue with "<Property key="Window_AutoAlpha" value="true"/>".
The window was "AutoAlpha-ed" as soon as I tried to hide it ^^
I removed this property and it works now, but is it normal or a bug?


29-01-2009 11:05:10

Yes, it's bug. I was thinking about Window_AutoAlpha that it can cause this. I'll fix it.