[SOLVED] random crash, freetype...?


09-02-2009 22:32:16

I can't get MyGUI to work well, it crashes 2/3 of the time (my program, and the TestApp and LayoutEditor). I debugged it and it happens somewhere around the loading of the font. I've downloaded the latest OGRE, latest MyGUI, and latest FreeType ( 2.3.8 ). I've compiled freetype in vc9, compiled ogre in vc9 (using its own downloadable dependencies), and compiled MyGUI.

I've tried compiling MyGUI with ft2.3.8 and with the version in the OGRE dependencies. No matter what I try, I get the same result. There's nothing in the logs. I really like the look/feel/integration of MyGUI, but I can't get it to run stable. Help!


09-02-2009 22:58:58

Show please where it crashes.
I believe that you also should use freetype 2.3.5 that comes with Ogre. We have tried MyGUI only with 2.3.0 and 2.3.5 and in 2.3.5 there's some weird bugs, but everything fine in 2.3.0. And I'm amost sure that it's necessary to make some tweaks to use 2.3.8.


09-02-2009 23:59:05

same results with 2.3.0

It happens near here,
MyGUI_d.dll!MyGUI::Font::loadResource(Ogre::Resource * res=0x01071fc0) Line 357 + 0x37 bytes C++

around this line in MyGUI_Font.cpp:

After that its a mess of destroy/release/deallocation attempts.


10-02-2009 01:49:26

Wait a second: what MyGUI code you use?


10-02-2009 01:58:25

2.2, ive downloaded and installed it twice completely (i've constantly been adjusting my directories for it and freetype)
OGRE 1.6.1 from source (i get the same result with the SDK version)

i do get errors when i open it in vc++ 2008 EE that "solution folders are not supported in this version of the application. Solution folder 'Demos' will be displayed as unavailable." (also Engine, Editors, and Tests).
also, on line 114 of MyGUI_RenderItem.cpp, i had to add a parameter to the call to _setAlphaRejectSettings (bool alphaToCoverage)


10-02-2009 02:47:55

2.2, ive downloaded and installed it twice completely (i've constantly been adjusting my directories in vc9 for it and freetype)If you are talking about 2.2_RC1 - it was released before Ogre 1.6. We fixed all Ogre 1.6 runtime issues a bit later after made 2.2_RC1. You need to get MyGUI from svn.


10-02-2009 03:27:31

ah, i was talking about 2.2 rc1, and the version from svn does work perfectly for me. thanks!