C# wrapper: Precompiled binaries, and initialization


08-03-2009 01:03:08


Is there any way to initialize the C# wrapper other than using Demo.Initialize?

Also, are precompiled binaries available for MyGUI with MOgre versions of Ogre? I have the most recent Ogre set up with MyGUI for a build environment, but would also like to be able to use MyGUI with MOgre... is my only choice to set up a second build environment, or are precompiled binaries available?




11-03-2009 20:05:05

Unfortunately Mogre developers change Ogre alot for their wrapper, that limit possibilities of running another wrappers. There's two possible solutions
1. Download and compile Mogre version that you need and compile MyGUI with it.
2. Seek help from the creators Mogre and ask for their help in this matter.
In any case, we will try to assist, wherever possible, because we are also interested in the connections of these two wrappers.