[SOLVED] Problem update mygui


27-03-2009 08:13:54


I got the new version of mygui.
I only try to update mygui to the menus work fine without mistakes.
But when i try to compile to get the dll and ... i have this fatal error:

fatal error C1083: No se puede abrir el archivo incluir: 'OgrePrerequisites.h': No such file or directory

I use ogre 1.45, visual c++ 2005. Mi use the version of mygui of june 2008.

Somebody can lead me.



27-03-2009 09:23:58

Please, check that you have path to {Ogre Path]\OgreMain\include . I don't know another reason fot this problem :).


27-03-2009 09:37:38

thanks, that's it.
i thought that i don't have to put this files, because when i compiled before it works fine.
I put what you say to me, and every works.

thanks a lot.