[SOLVED] getting a widgets size and position


28-03-2009 13:46:24

Hi, I've stumbled into another problem which I can't seem to figure out. I want to get a widget's position and size so I tried to use the following..

coord = statusImage->getClientCoord();

However, I noticed that getClientCoord always returns the top and left coordinates as zero.

return IntCoord(0, 0, mCoord.width, mCoord.height);

Is there another way to get all four properties that I'm just not seeing in the docs?


28-03-2009 14:43:30

getCoord, getPosition, getSize.
getClientCoord is coordinater of client are (where child widgets created) and yes, it's (0, 0, mCoord.width, mCoord.height) for simple widgets, but, for example for Window it isn't.