MyGUI.Managed - great but missing some methods


30-03-2009 10:31:21

I'm currently playing with MyGUI.Managed for Mogre and replacing my own wrapper with it.
The speed is quite good, as is the usage.

One ugly thing I found is that the wrapper needs all main resources to be in the resourcegroup "General". Which is because Gui.Initialise doesn't take a resourcegroup and a filename as parameters and initialies core.xml to be in "General".

For some methods I found another way (like Widget.FindWidget can be used from the parent widget the same way as Gui::FindWidget), but others I still miss...
I would appreciate if the RenderBox methods would be wrapped too (at least injectObject, setAnimation, clear...)

By the way, if I use the Widget.Dispose() with my parent widget, does it equal to Gui::UnloadLayout? Since there is only a LoadLayout method and no UnloadLayout.

PS: If the wrapping process (for Mogre) isn't that complicated I'd give it a try myself if anyone would tell me how to do.

edit: Ok, I would be able to change the resourcegroup to my preferred one by hacking the compiled dll. But that's not really the clean way ;-)
One other method I'm missing is to be able so show and hide the mouse pointer.


21-04-2009 17:07:29

Any news / any new managed version to be released?

22-04-2009 15:16:28

please wait ...

22-04-2009 21:34:38

update from svn ...


22-04-2009 22:56:16

Thanks for the update!

I got it compiled and working with Mogre after the usual adjustments (paths to Mogre include files).
The overloaded Initialise-methods work great. :)

I'm afraid I did not find out how to use the RenderBox methods. When I compile MyGUI.Managed I only see one event and the constructor in the RenderBox class. However in the C++ solution I saw that in there is a RenderBoxWrapper class in the subnamespace Extension with the methods I'm searching. How can I use these methods?

23-04-2009 16:58:37

Test_RenderBox.cs in TestApp.Managed