more control over combo box


05-04-2009 14:42:56

Thanks for answering all my questions so far. If you don't mind I have more. :D

Using the console demo, say for example I have the following functions, "cl_showfps", "cl_maxfps", "cl_quit".

I want to be able to type "cl_" in my combo box and have the list show with the above items however still have the cursor at the position it was while typing (no auto complete).

This is similar to how the console in a steam game is and I would like something similar however I can't think of a way of doing it without changing code in MyGUI because I need access to showList(), hideList() and a way to ignore ComboBox::onKeyButtonPressed in MyGUI?

Edit: Here's a video I found for example purposes. The console is 30 seconds into the video.


06-06-2009 06:53:56

Right now I am inheriting ComboBox and making my own ComboBox widget called ConsoleComboBox. What I need though is for more of the ComboBox class to be protected rather then private so that I can access the methods in my own class. Right now all I need is for showList and hideList in ComboBox to be protected rather then private. If it is not it means I have to duplicate most, if not all of ComboBox class just to have access to them. :(

Could this possibly be changed in the next release?


08-06-2009 02:39:23

Why not just make another list and show/update it on text change event?