[solved] loading gui several times leads to exception


16-04-2009 20:56:00


I am currently dealing with a strange issue:

I instanciate a class that loads a gui. After some time, I delete the instance and the destructor unloads the gui.
Now if I instanciate that class again, I get an Ogre Item Identity Exception telling me an Entity with the name = "1Front0Entity Back" allready existed.
The exception is thrown at the very line of menu = gui.load("name.layout");

I debugged the session and gui.unload(menu) is definately called without any applied changes to the widget vector menu before I call gui.load again.

Do you have an idea what could cause this?


16-04-2009 22:20:41

May be deleted, I created the double items myself. Why Ogre complained exactly then when I loaded the layout remains a secret.