[SOLVED] Error when creating StaticImage


24-04-2009 10:23:09

I'm currently having an error when creating StaticImage's. For some reason this error only occured when I tried the code on someone elses computer.

These is the line that give an error
StaticImagePtr m_MainMenuBG = m_GUI->createWidget<MyGUI::StaticImage>("StaticImage", 0, 0, 1024, 768, MyGUI::ALIGN_DEFAULT, "Main", "Main Menu BG");

It crashes on the first line though before the image texture is actually passed, an exception error is returned. In the Ogre.log it had this error;

OGRE EXCEPTION(10:MyGUIException): need one subskin

Hope someone can help me with this.


24-04-2009 13:36:45

Check MyGUI.log. Probably you don't have MyGUI_Media in your resources.


24-04-2009 13:40:40


I found my problem...

During the copying of my project between computers the .skin file decided not to copy for some wierd reason... simply dropping that in the folder fixed it...

Sorry about that >.<