[SOLVED] Matching MouseButton ID


06-05-2009 05:29:07

Hi guys. I am setting up a MyGUI interface and this is a small issue I'm having with it.

void UserInterface::injectMouseDown( int _absx, int _absy, int _ButtonID )
//MyGUI::MouseButton buttonID;

mGUI->injectMousePress(_absx, _absy, buttonID);

As you can see here, I am trying to inject the mouse info into MyGUI. The problem is that the type to inject for button ID needs to be MyGUI::MouseButton while I would like to send the button ID to the function as an int. So somehow there needs to be a conversion between the MyGUI::MouseButton type and int. As far as I can tell the MouseButton type is a struct with enumerations inside it. So how can I match the enum value to the int value?

Thanks for any help!


06-05-2009 15:20:01



08-05-2009 02:05:45

Thanks Altren