Idea: separating the plugin into decoder and wrapper


21-05-2009 19:50:25

I have been thinking a lot lately about the future roadmap for this project and believe I have come up with a perfect solution that will expand the userbase of this project significantly:

The plan is to separate this project into two parts:

* The audio/video decoding library - a powerful library with a simple high-level API that would allow the programmer to easily extract frames and audio to display in his engine of choice, be it a simple home-made engine or Ogre3D.

The programmer would not have to worry about A/V sync or seeking, the library would automatically handle this as does the current plugin

* OgreVideo plugin - the interface between Ogre3D and the above mentioned library, featuring video creation from material files as well as manual etc.

So what's different? The fact that a lot of users can benefit from this project. Theora isn't easy to work with, it is very low level. This way, you can just call a few functions and have a fully featured and optimized video player in your application.

I'd like to hear your comments on this idea :)


23-05-2009 21:28:58

I like the Idea, also the example application needs to use no other plugins, just Ogre(No CEGUI etc...). People are coders, so make the VideoCode example simple, minimal... and I would not use the Ogre example application... it does not need to use advanced features, and if they are there comment them out in example usage...
And the ability to plug in our own Sound libraries is a good one.

Some day when I get the time, and my code is finally looking neat I will have to return something to this forum community for all the useful stuff here, keep up the good work.


24-05-2009 20:26:39

yes, that is a good suggestion. When I fix all the important stuff on my todo list, I'll put more focus on the demos and overall documentation.