Problem with the plugin ! Need help


24-06-2009 05:06:49


I play konqi.ogg video file from my app. I debug my app and there is an exception, the pointer jumps to a line in xstring (..\Microsoft Visual Studio 9\crt\src\xstring):

My code is:

mVideo = TheoraVideoManager::getSingletonPtr();
mVideo->setInputName("D:\Klink Projects\Klink 3D Simulations\media\Video\Oggs.ogg");
TheoraVideoClip* clip=getClip(VIDEO_FILE);

I place debug point at line: "mVideo->setInputName("D:\Klink Projects\Klink 3D Simulations\media\Video\Oggs.ogg");"

then i have an exception at line "if (_Myres < _Newsize)
_Copy(_Newsize, _Mysize); // reallocate to grow":

bool __CLR_OR_THIS_CALL _Grow(size_type _Newsize,
bool _Trim = false)
{ // ensure buffer is big enough, trim to size if _Trim is true
if (max_size() < _Newsize)
_String_base::_Xlen(); // result too long
if (_Myres < _Newsize)
_Copy(_Newsize, _Mysize); // reallocate to grow
else if (_Trim && _Newsize < _BUF_SIZE)
_Tidy(true, // copy and deallocate if trimming to small string
_Newsize < _Mysize ? _Newsize : _Mysize);
else if (_Newsize == 0)
_Eos(0); // new size is zero, just null terminate
return (0 < _Newsize); // return true only if more work to do

I think Theora Plugin should support a log manager


17-08-2009 15:36:22

It is something related of mistmatch in compiling options ("Runtime libraries", _SECURE_SCL, Unicode.. many others) which "Theora Plugin" & your project has been compiled.