Plugin crashes while parsing


27-09-2009 08:33:12

Hi people,

I've been using Ogre for the last couple of months, but have only recently (yesterday :D ) found this plugin. Unfortunately, I've immediately run into a problem.

When I call the code below, my program crashes.

// load general assets.
mResourceGroups = OgreManager::instance()->addResourceFile("../../media/general/general_resources.cfg");

The code that it crashes on is

mTexture = TextureManager::getSingleton().createManual(texname,group_name,TEX_TYPE_2D,

(inside TheoraVideoClip::createDefinedTexture).

I'm using the example material file from the wiki, modified as shown:

material SimpleVideo
texture_source ogg_video
filename test.ogv
precache 16
play_mode play

The ogv file itself seems to be fine - plays in vlc without problems. I've used ffmpeg2theora-0.24.exe to convert the file to the correct format (also as suggested by the wiki).

My guess is that I've messed up a compiler option somewhere...

Help appreciated!


23-10-2009 16:31:44

have you tried your ogv file with any of the demos?