Unable to compile


06-10-2009 13:31:41

Hi everyone,

I just downloaded the plugin from SVN (on a sidenote I don't know if that's how it's supposed to be, so the problem might be there, but all the Sourceforge and wikipedia directories seemed empty)

Anyway, I'm trying to compile the 'trunk' version using Visual Studio 2009, but I/the project seem to be missing a few files, namely:


Where would I need to go to get these files and the libraries or c++ files associated with them?

Kind Regards,



10-10-2009 17:34:25

To compile the plugin you need libvorbis, libogg, libtheora and ptypes. You have to compile the libraries (project files are included in the packages) and add the correct paths to your include directories and your linker directories in the visual studio project settings. But it would be easier to get the compiled version.