new Theora Plugin status


22-02-2010 07:38:58

Hi Everyone,

If you've been following the project news, you know that as of SVN revision 96 I've separated the plugin into two parts:
1) The abstracted player library that serves as an easy-to-use interface between the user and libtheora:
2) the Ogre Video plugin which is an interface between Ogre and libtheoraplayer

The code is now stable and usable. I need to fix the demos a bit but basically it's working fine and much better as I made a lot of improvements since the separation.

I'd like to put out a call to developers using this library to start playing around with the new code, let me know what you think, submit bugs and feature requests on sourceforge's tracker, let's make this plugin rock! ;)


03-05-2010 11:43:22

I've done some work on the plugin:
* tested it against ogre 1.6.5 and it works fine.
* successfully compiled on ogre 1.7.1 (although I had to alter a few include/lib directories, be careful with boost directories)
* defaulting to static version of libtheoraplayer (available in 1.0RC2 onwards)
* added static library targets per user request

I couldn't try the demo on ogre 1.7.1, I don't have cegui separately installed, but I reckon it should work fine.

Note on static versions, I'll update the project licenses to allow static linking soon.
Currently, both libs use LGPL. what would you suggest the new license be? BSD? MIT? I want to protect the code but allow static linking which LGPL doesn't allow.


28-07-2010 17:27:00

You could use lgpl and add static link exception(like mygui). But i would prefer mit ;) when your deps allows.


29-07-2010 09:56:50

meh, whatever. I would like the developers to be able to use the software as freely as possible, but still protect the source code so others can benefit.