Problem of Seeking Video in Ogre


07-04-2010 03:18:32

I get a problem of using the Ogre Video Plugin in Ogre.
The problem detail´╝Ü
After I loaded a video, I will call mClip->stop() to stop the video.
And then when I want play the video, I call mClip->seek(0.0f) first, then mClip->play() immediately.
The problem happened while I check the mClip->isDone() in frameStarted(evt) (Ogre engine function),
the mClip->isDone() will return true and the video doesn't be shown in any frame.

I trace the video plugin source code in svn, and I think it's a bug in the TheoraVideoClip.cpp line 212.
Because I called the mClip->play(), but the mClip->seek(0.0f) has not been seek the position,
so the mTimer->getTime() will bigger than time, and then the frame will be dropped.
Then my video is lost forever.

Is there a solution for the problem or it will be fixed in the next RC?
Thanks for reading and please forgive my English failed.



07-04-2010 08:09:18

oh, thanks for pointing that out! I think I know what the problem might be. I'll fix it soon and let you know when it's fixed. I'll probably release RC2 soon as well.

btw: can you please submit a bug report to libtheoraplayer's sourceforge tracker;


11-04-2010 23:30:44

Hi Kreso,
I submitted the bug report to "Theora playback library" on sourceforge.
Thanks for reply and hope RC2 will release soon.