TheoraVideoManager hangs on destruction


29-04-2010 08:22:40


I have a problem shutting down the video manager. I'm using the libtheoraplayer directly (currently 1.0RC2) so I have more control over the whole
video playback. It works great so far performance wise, but when shutting down everything, my application hangs.

I'm doing the following, maybe I'm not doing it right ? ...

// cleanup videos

for( unsigned int i=0; i<_VideoClips.size(); ++i )
_videoManager->destroyVideoClip( _VideoClips[i].videoClip ); // this call blocks

delete _videoManager;

"_VideoClips.videoClip" is a TheoraVideoClip and "_videoManager" the TheoraVideoManager.

If I don't call "destroyVideoClip", it hangs while deleting the VideoManager.

Any help apreciated :-)

- ALex


30-04-2010 09:32:37

hmm, not sure. check how the demos are being destroyed. it should work fine