streaming from webcam


21-05-2010 00:00:23

Hi all,

I tried to search in the previous topics but I didn't find anything about it, does anybody know if it's possible to stream a video texture directly from a webcam in realtime?
Since, as far as I know, Theora plugin works just with files ogg I'm not sure this would be feasible. In this case which would be the easiest plugin / way to achieve direct real time streaming on texture from webcam?

Thanks !


21-05-2010 00:06:56

It should be fairly simple, all you need to do i continouusly grB frames from the camera and upload them to a texture.
The second part is easy. As for grabbing the frames, you can probably use directshow on windows or some open source interface library.

Either way, this plugin is not suitable for this purpose, it was designed to do only one thing and do it well: stream theora files onto a texture. Unix philosophy ;)


21-05-2010 21:34:01

Thank you, would you have any suggestions for any other plugin more focused on this task?


21-05-2010 21:47:07

no, sorry, I have no idea..