Script problem


06-07-2010 10:34:02

I have another problem in the execution of my application.

I got that result:

Parsing script theora.material
OgreVideo: Creating video from data source: ../../videos/fedora02.ogg
./tcreplay: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/OGRE/ undefined symbol: th_comment_init

theora.material is my material. I give the address of my video there and in my application, i create a quad and use this material on it.


06-07-2010 13:03:33

as said before, script parsing is broken, create videos manually. I'll fix this and other bugs when i find enough free time. i reckon in a few weeks when I'll be on vacation;

ps: no need to send me a private message, post on the board, I get instant notfications of new posts ;)