adding sound


18-08-2010 02:11:56

hi again ^^
first of all, i wanted to tell you Kreso, that the plugin is not working for me in SDK 1.6.5 and 1.7.1, i managed to load videos finally and idk, maybe that helps you in some way ^^
anyway, now i want to actually play the sound of a video. how can i do that ? will i need to compile any other plugin or something to play sounds ?



18-08-2010 08:16:01

I'll investigate and let you know.

as for audio, I have developed an audio interface for OpenAL in libtheoraplayer demos, I'll see about porting that demo to ogrevideo.


19-08-2010 14:43:13

thanks for the quick answer
mmm if the libtheoraplayer has an audio interface for OpenAL, OgreVideo has it too ? and will it work for OgreAL ? or can i use libtheoraplayer and OpenAL in ogre ?


19-08-2010 14:49:59

should work in both cases. probably needing a little work but is compatible.