Problems Simulating a TV


08-10-2010 22:05:07

Hello Folks

I'm trying to simulate a tv in my project, but i'm facing some problems.

This is my TV working fine.

but when I move around and another model gets between the camera and the tv, the video is rendered in front of everything as you can see in the image above.


Why is this happening? How can I solve this?

I would be grateful if anyone could give me some help.

Thanks in advance.


09-10-2010 10:38:40

This has nothing to do with the library, all this plugin does is render th evideo onto a texture, how you handle the texture is your thing.
from what I can see ,it would seem your tv isn't rendered with zbuffer testing enabled. check the material.


11-10-2010 18:52:00

Thank you very much, Kreso.

Based on your reply, I managed to work it out ignoring the Theora stuff.

I'm gonna explain what was happening: Before applying the video_material to my tv model, I was applying it to an ogre overlay. So I think Ogre sets something related to Render Queues, rendering it in front of everything.

Once again, many thanks. :D


25-10-2011 01:52:01

It's such an interesting case! Much helpful for a beginner. Thanks for explaining what the problem was in.
ipad programming


23-12-2011 08:43:50

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