Streaming video from an RTMP server


25-06-2011 06:03:43

I was curious if the Theora plugin is capable of playing streaming video from an HTTP or RTMP server?

If not, would I be able to implement this feature?


25-06-2011 09:55:08

it shouldn't be to hard to implement. as long as it's an ogg/theora stream ofcourse. you can add a feature request on libtheoraplayer's sourceforge page, it's a good idea for future developments.


25-06-2011 12:12:19

Alright cool. I was thinking about using ffmpeg to do the actual streaming. Maybe give the option to the developer to use either Theora or ffmpeg? I know that ffmpeg has a ton of codecs and cause some issues with royalties and whatnot.

Also, I've been having lots of troubles building with the latest trunk release from the SVN over at SourceForge.
I'm building with:
Windows using Visual C++ 2008 Express
Ogre 1.7.3 (From source)
Ogg 1.2.2
Vorbis 1.3.2
Theora 1.1.1
PTypes 2.1

If I just build normally I get:
fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'TheoraVideoManager.h': No such file or directory


25-06-2011 12:36:58

this library is specialized in only theora, that's the main advantage, it's small and does what it does well. also, no royalty problems with codecs.

as for your problem, when I last worked on the lib I used ogre 1.6.5 so I can't say for sure will it work on 1.7.x and as for the error you're having, seems to me you just need to adjust the header search directories.


25-06-2011 13:22:20

I'll be sure to do that.

So my question is, would you like me to add ffmpeg support? I can have it separated so the developer can decide which to use. I can also update the code to support Ogre 1.7.x while I'm at it.


25-06-2011 14:07:45

No, you can use ogre ffmpeg plugin for that, the theora video plugin is just theora. it's very different to use the two video systems so updating this plugin to support it would be almost the same as writing another plugin from scratch. besides, you only need one video system in games, no reason to support more then one codec. a game is not a media player.

anyway, if you want to contribute code I could really use the help as I don't have much free time on my hands. you can start submitting patches and if I'm satisfied with your results I can grant you SVN access and entry into the development team.