College Thesis Idea


17-10-2011 08:52:08

Hi Everyone,

As you may or may not be aware, this project and it's parent project libtheoraplayer haven't been updated. The reason is that I have absolutely no time on my hands. I'm running my game development company (Cateia Games: http// and "still" going to college..

The good news is, I'm almost done with college. this spring I'm going to start working on my thesis and then bye bye college forever! f*** yeah!
Which is good for this project as I intend to continue it's development.

So, what I need now is an idea what to do for my thesis. I can chose any graphics related topic, but I'd prefer to do something related to video so I can work on this project while doing my thesis :)
I've done it once before on my third year and it turned out great, adding many new features to the library.

My idea so far is to make a project that uses a video texture as an input for a shader. normal mapping for example. Basically I need to camouflage a complex-sounding project in an excuse to work on further developing the theora video playback library :)