Theora Plugin Problem


19-12-2011 15:30:13

I have some questions about Theora Plugin and first of all, I working on Ogre 1.7.2 and I want to add Theora Plugin my code. My question; Does Theora Plugin work for Ogre 1.7.2 ?

The second question is that I compiled ogg, vorbis and theora successfully and also I tried to compile libtheoraplayer. After I compiled, I get the dynamic libraries of ogg, vorbis and theora (.dll) but I couldnt get any library about libtheoraplayer. Anyway when I try to compile TheoraPlugin, the result is always static library.

I compiled my Ogre Sdk as a dynamic library so I have to compile TheoraPlugin dynamiclly as well. Although I write " enable-shared = true " while I compile configure, the result is always same and static library.

How can I obtain dynamic library of Theora Plugin ?


20-12-2011 10:47:40

What platform are you on? (OS & compiler)


20-12-2011 10:51:26

Hi shiraz26,

I haven't played with theora for ogre for quite a while so I can't say. last time I tried it worked on 1.6.5.

also, can't guarantee for configure script, you should compile the plugin through visual studio, that should provide a dll.


20-12-2011 13:27:28

I'm working on windows7 and mingw. TheoraPlugin doesnt create .dll. It only creates .a file


20-12-2011 13:29:45

oh, mingw :/ can't help you there. I used CodeLite to compile mingw version, configure script is still work in progress.


20-12-2011 14:35:14

You used CodeLite but I mean compiling the libtheoraplayer and TheoraPlugin not using them. That is, you compiled the player and plugin before You added the codeblock. My question is that How could you compile the player and plugin that is checked out from svn.

I checked out from svn and then I moved the files under mingw/msys and I tried to compile the plugin to create .dll files. While I was trying to create .dll file, I used, configure and makefile that were came with Theoraplugin.

but evertime I tried, I get .a( static library ). I have compiled Ogre dynamically before this so I have to create .dll files to add them into my Ogre Project.

While you were compiling, Did you use TheoraPlugin and configure file. How could you create dynamic library ?


20-12-2011 14:49:58

Like I said, configure script for the project is work in progress. use CodeLite IDE to compile libtheoraplayer and ogre video plugin.


20-12-2011 14:54:38

so Do I have to move all my Ogre project into CodeBlock ? because I used mngw for Ogre and there is an Ogre Project that is waiting for video plugin.


20-12-2011 14:56:22

sorry I mean CodeLite but I wrote CodeBlock. Do I have to move my Ogre project into CodeLite ?


20-12-2011 17:06:33

no, you just need to use CodeLite to compile libtheoraplayer and ogrevideo plugin.

however, be warned, I haven't played arround with ogre and still don't have enough time to try so I cannot guarantee that everything will be ok, you may need to tweak some code..

another approach would be for you to setup the configure script if you prefer to compile that way.


21-12-2011 08:49:20

Which Os do you use ? linux or windows ?

and now let us forget compiling Theora Plugin, why also libtheoraplayer always create a static library ?


23-12-2011 23:01:07

Which Os do you use ? linux or windows ?

and now let us forget compiling Theora Plugin, why also libtheoraplayer always create a static library ?

libtheoraplayer has an option to create a dll or a static library (if compiled through visual studio ofcourse)