Seeking (multiple videos)


03-09-2008 22:22:33

I have a problem to get seeking working:
My application has a pointer to the manager class:
mVideoManager = (TheoraVideoManager*) ExternalTextureSourceManager::getSingleton().getExternalTextureSource("ogg_video");
And I set seeking enabled:
This is done in a setup-function which is called before resources are loaded. In my application I start playing a video. It is strange that in that moment the mSeekEnabled-member of the manager is false. And it´s even more strange that only the first loaded video (the video which material is parsed first) has valid clip->mSeeker-member. On every clip the mSeekEnabled-member is false.
So as a result I can only seekToTime() correctly on the first video.
What did I wrong?
Thanks in advance.


04-09-2008 07:42:55

Seeking and audio do not work at the moment.
seeking was inherited from pjcast's work but has to be redone.


06-09-2008 13:09:17

First thank you for your answers!

But is there any possibility to play a video from the beginning after it was already played?


08-09-2008 18:59:24

I tried to delete the video resources and to manually load them again, so I can play back a video again from the beginning but I had no success.
So a solution to this would save me some heavy headaches ;)


09-09-2008 08:40:21

Good point, this is important. I'll work on this next.